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Go South for the Winner

4D Added Money Jackpot Trail information

  • Will run concurrently with Sunday's Trail classes.
  • $15 entry fee (in addition to AQHA fees) 66% goes into the pot.
  • You must enter an AQHA Trail class for your score to be rolled over to the jackpot. (If you are interested in competing but have a horse other than a registered quarter horse, please message us.)
  • Scores will be averaged between the three judges (ex. 72, 73, and 72.5 will be a 72.5 overall)
  • Payout will be in 4D format. 1D starts with the highest scoring horse, 2D starts 2.5 points below highest score, 3D starts 5 points below highest score, and 4D started 10 points below highest score.
  • The number of exhibitors paid out depends on the number of entries in the jackpot
  • You can enter the jackpot as many times as you enter an AQHA Trail class (ex. You may enter L1 Amateur, Amateur, and Open Trail and roll all three scores over for a $45 jackpot entry fee)
  • All Trail classes are eligible to compete except Small Fry Trail.