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Go South for the Winner

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ArQHA needs your help!

The Arkansas Quarter Horse Association has continued to offer exhibitors quality shows even through the pandemic. Only the Circle G Classic that was scheduled in April had to be canceled, and the Memorial Day Circuit was moved to Fort Smith with only weeks to prepare and showed record numbers! There were so many new exhibitors that had never shown with ArQHA before or even AQHA. The show received many compliments especially on being such a welcoming environment. ArQHA has also grown its reach outside the south, attracting exhibitors from all areas of the US. 

As everyone prepares for Go South for the Winner to be held December 4-6 at the Four States Fairgrounds in Texarkana, the ArQHA board and show staff hopes to maintain the level of excellence previously experienced. With six judges and the easily accessible location in Texarkana, we hope to bring in even more horses to the show during a year in which options have been limited.

We offer several sponsorship opportunities for businesses and individuals to help support ArQHA in its efforts to continue to provide quality AQHA shows. You will be presented as a sponsor on our various media platforms, including our website, newsletter, and Facebook page, as well as announcements during the event. If you have a banner, we will gladly display in a prominent area. ArQHA currently has over 750 on our newsletter mailing list, over 3,300 that follow our Facebook page, and almost 18,000 page views on our website YTD.

ArQHA’s continued success depends on our support from you as sponsors, owners, and exhibitors. Thank you for your consideration!

Please see the attached sponsorship form for the Go South for the Winner circuit. You can fill out the sponsorship form and return with your check or you can opt to pay online using PayPal (or a credit card) and filling out the form here.

We hope to see you in December!

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