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Current Points


2018-19 Show Season Points (Year-end as of 2019 Memorial Day)

Points for Year-end Awards and Youth World qualifying begin to accumulate at the time dues are paid. Current show year for 2019 will start with the December 2018 Go South for the Winner show in Texarkana. The year will end with the May 2019 Memorial Day show in Tunica. This applies to year-end points and youth world show qualifying.

Points will not count toward OPEN division Arkansas Quarter Horse Association Year-End Awards unless HORSE OWNER is a member of the ArQHA. If a horse is owned by a farm, business, or joint AQHA membership, an individual membership must be purchased under the name of the farm, business, or joint AQHA membership for points to count in the OPEN division. This applies even if the individual owners of the farm, business, or joint membership have already joined ArQHA.

Youth memberships allow points to count only in the Youth division. A separate individual or family membership is required for points to count in Open events.

A horse must have accumulated ten (10) points or more and be in the top 9 in each class to be eligible for a Year-End Award. Three categories of awards based on the total points will be given. The Awards Committee will determine the actual percentage breakdown based on the number of points possible during each year. Points from classes (in which points earned are at least 10 and in top 9) will be added together to determine the category in which horse/owner in open events and horse/rider in amateur and youth events will be placed.

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2018-19 Point Standings (Year-end as of 2019 Memorial Day)

New for this year:

Horse must have accumulated ten (10) points or more and be in the top 9 in each class to be eligible for Year-End Award.
Horse must show to at least ½ of the judges during the year to qualify for a Year-End Award.

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2017-18 Year End Point Standings (Final Points)

2017-18 Year-End Tiers

Tier 1 (160+ Points) Tier 2 (60-159 Points) Tier 3 (10-59 Points)
Candy Workman Cindy Furgerson Jack Fancey
Brian Brady Quinn Hodges Ty Cornelius
Howdy Smith Hannah Longing Karen Stell
Zach McCarver Leanne Casey Sue Mills
Lynn Cornelius McAuley Ross Allie Briggs
Semmie Wicker Joan Gann Ricky Lattin
Samantha Faulkner Andie Pratt Jered Davis
Julie Crossland Claudia Peeler Maggie Malone
Katherine Thompson Melanie Cornelius Doug Smith
Maggie Smith Isabella Jacuzzi Lee Mize
Josyann Frazee Bar 6 Quarter Horses Alicia Parker
Ann Baker Sheila Franklin Jay Atwill
Caitlyn Ferguson Ellie Wilburn Laurie Hartman
Nicole Lewis Kim Landa Abby Lewis
Sidney Dunham Randall Mize Jerry Strickland
Audra Blevins Alyson Faulkner Aden Cochran
Lanie Cornelius Amy Richmond Jerry Fuller

Trent Dunham Anne Marie Daugherty

Jodie Nolen Audrey Whitby

Debbie Zinser Greg Williams

Jerry & Vicki Strickland Sandy Lattin

Maggie and Kelly Smith Sarah Bednar

DeLania Harris Jenna Meimerstorf

Hannah Lovrien Whitney Ward

Amanda Bigelow Dennis Atnip

Hilairy Guerriero Penny Brinkley

Debbie Arnold Andrea Holder

Lynn Walker Ashton McKenzie

Katy Blevins Lori Ward

Cari Brown Rhonda Williams

Mary Bess Woodruff

Kristy Faulkner

Spencer Hardin

Reba Byrd

Connie Neighbours

Macy Gillette

Alec Cochran

Riley Walburn

Chaney Laws

David Pratt

Angela Newton

Leah Pratt

Scott Willis

Joann Hale

Kay Hardin

Tena Spencer

Colten Boyd

Suzy Cook

Lana Grace Jones

Jennifer Davis