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2019 Ford Youth World Show


New for 2018:

2019 National Qualifying Points

Level 3 13-&-under core classes Q&A

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2017 Results

Starting off the week for the Arkansas team with a Unanimous WORLD CHAMPION title in the Level 3 Performance Halter Geldings was Cooper Dobbs with MyTeSly.  Maggie Smith and War Lena Grand were named WORLD CHAMPIONS in the Level 3 State Race.

Maggie Jackson placed 4th with Sweet Id Red Baron and Ashton McKenzie was a finalist with A Bar Room Legend in the Level 2 Poles. Maggie Jackson was finalist in Level 2 Barrels with Miller Times Two. Lanie Cornelius was seventh in Level 2 Stakes and third in the 13 and under with Peptoy. Hannah Hammock was a finalist in the Level 2 Stakes with Commanders King Doc; Ashton McKenzie was also a finalist.

Maggie Smith was 5th in L3 Poles with War Lena Grand. Maggie was also BRONZE WORLD CHAMPION in L3 Poles and 11th in L3 Barrels with Gotta Another Gear and 6th in L3 Barrels with Rompin With Honor. Maggie Jackson was 6th in L3 Poles with Sweet Id Red Baron. Ty Cornelius was a finalist in L3 Poles and L3 Stakes with Pacnhowietothebar.

Andie Pratt was named RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION in the Level 2 Ranch Riding with FS Pale Face Gunner. Bella Jacuzzi was 11th with Wimpys Flashy Jac and Hannah Lovrien ended up in the top 20 with That Kind of Nite. Bella Jacuzzi with Wimpys Flashy Jac, Hannah Lovrien with That Kind of Nite, and Andie Pratt with FS Pale Face Gunner were finalists in the L3 Ranch Riding.

Spencer Hardin was a finalist in the Level 2 Western Pleasure and a semifinalist in the Level 3 Western Pleasure with Zipit Martha Stewart.

Jenna Meimerstorf was 5th in the Level 3 Reining and 7th in the Level 2 Reining with Ten Suprizes. Hannah Lovrien was 9th in both the Level 2 and Level 3 Reining with That Kind of Nite. Andie Pratt was a finalist in the Level 2 and made it to the shootout in the Level 3 with Gold and Smart.

Ty and Lanie Cornelius both had success in the Level 3 Team Penning and Level 3 Ranch Sorting, Ty was 5th in the Penning and 9th in the Sorting with U Can Count on Me. He was also a finalist in the Sorting with Scootin Ina Mercedes. Lanie was 7th in the Penning with Teninas Cat and was a finalist in the Sorting with Wee Woody Winkie.

Kenzie Castor was 5th in the Level 3 Breakaway and 6th in the Level 2 with Peponitas Tom Cat IW. She was also a finalist in the Level 3 with Purple Playmate. Heather Fultz was a finalist in the Level 3 with Power Slidn San.  Dillon Cox finished as a finalist in the Level 2 Working Cow Horse with DC Quejana Pep.