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2016 ArQHA Awards Banquet

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2016 ArQHA Awards Banquet

The 2016 ArQHA awards banquet was held on January 7, 2017 at the Hospitality House at Burns Park in North Little Rock.  See below for the prizes awarded to members in the Top 6.

The 2016 All-Around and High point winners were

  • Arielle Appleby with The Hot Zip (Small Fry)
  • Sidney More with Suddenlee Single (L1 Youth)
  • Caroline Latture with Eye On The Ball (Youth)
  • Shelby Layne Ridgway with Who Invited Him (L1 Amateur and Amateur)
  • Nancy Boatwright with SRS Dream (Select)
  • Cool Lookin Machine owned by Jessica Parris (Open)

Reserve winners were

  • Marianne Copps with Startched N Ironed (L1 Youth and Youth)
  • Julie Crossland with Ubetimwhistndixie (Amateur).