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Arkansas Quarter Horse Association

2021 Membership Meeting

January 13, 2022


Call to Order

  • President Mark Dunham called the Arkansas Quarter Horse Association 2021 General Membership to order through Zoom at 7:04 on January 13, 2022 with 27 in attendance.  
  • Minutes of the 2020 General Membership meeting were approved on the motion of Jerry Matthews and second by Brian Brady.
  • Financial reports were approved on the motion of Lynn Cornelius and second by Brian Brady.


President’s Report

  • President Mark Dunham shared that the board has been working and is continuing to make changes that hopefully will result in more participation at our shows. Specific items mentioned included the addition of Walk-Trot classes, changing the Awards banquet to an Awards/Exhibitor Party at Go South, dropping to 4 judges at Go South and Circle G, and adding two Level 1 shows to the 2022 calendar. He encouraged the general membership to volunteer.
  • Due to their length of service on the AQHA Board of Directors, Mark Dunham and Jerry Fuller were moved to Director-at-Large.  Andi Ridgway and Brian Brady were elected at the 2021 Convention to serve with Lynn Cornelius as the Arkansas delegates on the AQHA Board of Directors.
  • Kay Kass has been contracted to serve as our show secretary at 2022 shows.


Youth Report

  • 2021 Youth World
    • Arkansas had 24 members on the 2021 team 
    • Team members showed in Level 1,2, and 3 classes since all levels were held at the show.
    • We had several finalists, top 10 placings with reserve and world championships.
    • She thanked the parents and sponsors for making it a successful event.
  • YES Conference
    • Conference will be held July 12-14 in Amarillo Texas.  Information has not been posted yet for registration.
  • 2022 Youth World Show
    • Level 1 will not be held in conjunction with the Youth World this year so members wanting to show at a Level 1 Championship will need to look at information online about those championship shows.  Entry forms should be available online by the end of January.
    • Level 2 and Level 3 will be held at the Youth World Show and you will actually have to qualify this year.  Qualifying steps for Arkansas Team members:
      • 1. Nationally Qualify
      • 2. Finish in the top 6 in the class to go as state entry
      • 3. Sponsorship 
      • 4. Fundraiser
    • If a person wants to go in a class that we do not offer at our shows, contact Melanie Cornelius.  We will have a Youth meeting next week to discuss election of officers, and additional information about qualifying and other events.  I will be contacting members with information about meeting.


2022 Arkansas Shows

  • Circle G, Texarkana, April 29-May 1, 2022
    • Show has been AQHA approved; show bill will be on website after the Board of
    • Directors meeting next week.
  • Memorial/Stanford, Tunica, May 27-30, 2022
    • Contract with Tunica is pending; hopefully, details will be finalized soon
  • Go South, Texarkana, December 2-4, 2022
  • NEW for 2022:
  • Level 1/All-Breed Clinic and Show, Saline Fairgrounds, March 26-27, 2022 (on website)
  • Level 1/All-Breed Clinic and Show, Saline Fairgrounds, August 20-21, 2022


2022 World Qualifying and Level 1 Championships

  • President Dunham announced that there will be 3 ways to qualify for the 2022 World Shows. These include qualifying through points earned, showing at 6 approved AQHA events, and “buy-in” at $7500 for open events and $5000 for amateur and select events. He also announced that Level 1 Championships will be separated from the regular world shows. One will be held April 27-May 1 in Ohio; another will be May 18-22 in Arizona. 


Election of 2022 Board of Directors

  • Nominations Committee Chairman Jerry Fuller presented and made the motion that the following slate of officers recommended by the Nominations Committee be elected:
    • 3-year term: Lynn Cornelius, Jerry Matthews, Julie Crossland, Doug Smith
    • 1-year term (rotating): Terry Parker, Mark Russell, Candy Workman, Melanie Cornelius
    • 1-year term (fulfilling 1-year unexpired term): Angela Newton
  • Andi Ridgway seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn was made by Andi Ridgway.


Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Beaty, Secretary