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Level 1/All-Breed Shows

Level 1 Clinic Registration Form

The clinics will be “from the judge’s chair” perspective. Exhibitors will sign up to have their pattern class(es) recorded, receive specific critique, and have the option to re-ride and get scored again. It will be $30 for one pattern class or $75 for all of your patterns.

Judge Mike Hoeppner will take detailed notes on everyone’s patterns on Saturday while judging, and on Sunday, we will display each recorded pattern on a screen for everyone to see while Hoeppner explains why he scored the rider the way he did as well as explain what could improve the rider’s scores. Riders can then opt to re-ride any of their patterns on Sunday afternoon after Hoeppner has gone through all of the critiques. The re-ride option will give everyone a great chance to see instant improvement following the feedback and see what they still need to work on.

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