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AQHA/All-Breed Shows

Frequently Asked Questions about the Level 1/All-Breed Show


  1. I do not have a quarter horse. Can I show at the Level 1 show?
    • Yes! The All-Breed divisions are open to all exhibitors and equines! You do not have to have a registered quarter horse nor an AQHA membership to show.
  2. I am not eligible for Level 1, can I still show?
    • Yes! Only the AQHA Level 1 and Rookie divisions are restricted. You can show the All-Breed divisions without any issues! Therefore, if you are Level 1 in Reining but not Level 1 in Ranch Riding, you could show Level 1 Reining and All-Breed Ranch Riding.
  3. I am an open rider, not an amateur or youth. Can I show?
    • Yes! You can show in any of the all-breed classes without any restrictions.
  4. Can I show in walk-trot horsemanship and regular horsemanship?
    • Yes and no. You can cross-enter walk-trot and regular classes in the all-breed divisions without any issues. However, you can not cross-enter and AQHA Walk-Trot division and the corresponding regular AQHA divisions. However, you could show the All-Breed class for one and AQHA for the other without an issue.
  5. What are Level 1 and Rookie?
    • Level 1 and Rookie are AQHA divisions with eligibility restricted by points earned. To be eligible for a Rookie class, the exhibitor must have less than 10-lifetime points in the class and show a horse with less than 50-lifetime points in the class. Level 1 is determined by how many points an exhibitor has earned in the last three years in a class (point levels vary between classes,) lifetime monies earned, and placings at championship shows. You can look up your eligibility and full eligibility rules here -
  6. I don’t own the horse, can I show it?
    • Yes! You do not have to own a horse to show it in the All-Breed or AQHA Level 1 or Rookie classes.
  7. I want to show Level 1 and Rookie at the show. What do I need to bring to sign up at the show?
    • You will need your horse’s AQHA papers, your AQHA card, your Level 1 Application, and you and your horse’s leveling eligibility. If you do not have a current AQHA membership, you can sign up for one at the show and we will have Level 1 Applications available in the show office. You can look up your and your horse’s leveling eligibilities here -
  8. Can I show Ranch Trail and regular Trail or Ranch Riding and Western Pleasure?
    • If you are showing in AQHA classes, your horse can not cross-enter the Ranch Riding and Western Pleasure. However, the rider can cross-enter the AQHA Ranch Riding and Western Pleasure on different horses, or if you are showing in the All-Breed divisions, you can cross-enter the horse without any restrictions. There are no AQHA Ranch Trail classes available at the Level 1 shows this year, only All-Breed, which means you can cross-enter those without any issues.
  9. My horse is young and isn’t ready to show at a lope. What can I show in?
    • We have several Walk-Trot divisions available at the show, both AQHA and All-Breed which would be perfect! There are also halter and showmanship classes that are only walking and trotting.
  10. My daughter is five years old but isn’t ready to show on her own. Do you have Lead-Line?
    • Yes! We will have Lead-Line with the Western Pleasure classes, and it is FREE!
  11. I pre-entered, what do I need to do when I get to the showgrounds?
    • You will need to stop by the show office to pick up your back number and leave a check for your show tab. You will also double-check your entries and add or subtract any classes at this point!
  12. I want to show in All-Breed 18 & Under, Level 1, and Rookie Horsemanship. How many times will I show?
    • Those classes will all show concurrently (look for indented class numbers on the showbill for concurrent classes,) so you will only show once. However, you will be placed in each of the three classes separately.
  13. When can I bring my horse in?
    • The showgrounds will open at 2 PM on Friday. You will need to have current coggins on all horses entering the show grounds per Arkansas laws.