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Articles on Halter

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Balanced Horse Breakdown


Articles on Horsemanship

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Judge's Perspective 2018 AQHA Youth World 14-18 Horsemanship Winning Run

Hunt Seat Equitation

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Hunter Under Saddle

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Ranch Conformation

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Ranch Rail

2020 AQHA World Show Open and Amateur Winning Runs

Ranch Riding

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Judge's Perspective 2018 AQHA Youth World 14-18 Ranch Riding Winning Run

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Ranch Sign Class

Also called Stock Horse Pleasure by American Stock Horse Association

  • This class measures the ability of the horse to be functional and a pleasure to ride while being used as a means of conveyance from one task to another.
  • What makes this class unique is that horses will be shown individually at the walk, trot, and lope in both directions.
  • Signs for each transition are displayed in the arena.

Gaits to be Performed in this Order

  1. Extended Walk (75 feet)
  2. Trot (150 feet)
  3. Extended Trot (240 feet)
  4. Lope (150 feet)
  5. Stop and Reverse
  6. Ordinary Walk (30 feet)
  7. Lope (150 feet)
  8. Extended Lope (200 feet)
  9. Trot (90 feet)
  10. Stop and Back
    *Distances are dependent on the size of space used for the event

Class Description from SHOT (Stock Horse of Texas Association)

Ranch Trail

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Showmanship Basics - Free eBook 
Showmanship Patterns - Free eBook

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Judge's Perspective 2018 AQHA Youth World 14-18 Trail Winning Run

Western Pleasure

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